Let’s celebrate the entrepreneur spirit of our young

Another smart lass who has gotten into selling her panties. Singapore girls are getting so smart with pulling in the bucks. Buy a $10 knickers, wear them, you have to wear knickers anyway (or do u?), and sell them at a 5 times profit margin. Don't even have to do laundry (because people buy them precisely for the scent)! Feel like masturbating before selling them? Sure! Gets u more dollars! Fantastic! I just love this business plan. Simple, sick and elegant.

Check out the website here.

Girl talks to mum about having sex with her boyfriend

Mom: I want to know about him, what does he do? Are you serious about this guy?

Me: He works in the film industry. He’s two years older. Yes we’re serious.

Mom: Okay then I want to meet his parents. I want to talk to this guy and I want to talk to his parents. Your dad also agrees with me. What kind of guy would do this sort of thing, take you to his place to stay the night?

Me: Yeah I don’t think this conversation is about you meeting his parents. I think we need to talk about me, my body, my decisions.

Mom: No why can’t I meet his parents??

Me: Sure you can. We can arrange that. But why’re you so agitated about what I do with my relationships? I’m old enough to make my own decisions.

Mom: Don’t think I don’t know you already had sex. You have no shame!!

Me: Yeah I have. He’s not the first.


Mom: YOU’RE A GIRL, how can you do these things with your body? You’ve only been going out for a short while and you give yourself away like that? What if one day he says he wants to break off, then you’re on the losing end!

Me: I do what I’m comfortable with, and what I’m happy about. I only go out with people who can respect that. I make my choices independently, and it’s great.

Mom: Don’t you have any sense of morality? Sex is a sacred thing, and you don’t even know if yours is true love!

Me: No it’s not. Sex is not sacred. Sex is sex. People have it when they’re truly in love, whatever that means, and people have it when they’re not. Many people have sex whenever they want.

Mom: No they don’t.

Me: Sure, maybe not from your social circle. But just because you don’t know people who have casual and safe sex, doesn’t mean it’s non-existent.

Mom: You’re so cheap.

Me: I’m happy....

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